Note: This post is the fourth blog entry based on a Nov. 17th presentation I made at the 2012 Lex Mundi Latin America/Caribbean Regional Conference in Santiago, Chile.

Previously, I outlined three benefits to attorneys of social media engagement, namely personal-effort efficiency, out-of-pocket spending efficiency and relevance. Today, I’ll share my fourth and final reason why social media matters to lawyers—content leverage.

Most lawyers, whether in-house or in private practice, create or have easy access to a great deal of content.  In the past, this content found the light of day in only one, or at most a few traditional channels.  The advent of social media means that lawyers can create their own distribution channels and put their content into play in a variety of formats and via a large number of channels unavailable in the past.

Hopefully, readers will find the lawyers’ content to be of interest.  But even if readers don’t open a posting and read it, there is benefit to putting the content out there:  the distribution of content tickles the interest of search engine spiders, improving the chances that a lawyer can be found for reasons that he or she wants to be found!

I actually know a lot more reasons that lawyers should care about social media.  In my brief presentation I had time to cover only four.  If you have other ideas, send them along!